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Other Services

Supporting the Return to Harmony


Whole-Equine Hoof Care

I became obsessed with hoofcare when my farrier quit trimming my rescue horses. My initial interest in learning how to care for my own 5 equine, quickly turned into the realization that in order for me to help equine clients return to harmony I need to include hoof care. Thankfully, I found amazing teachers and programs including: Ida Hammer and Megan Hensley. 

Refer to Book Online page for details on how to schedule a consult and/or trim.


HeartMath is a system of science-based, coherence-building skills designed to use on-the-go to help people bring their mind, body and emotions into balance and connect with their heart's intuitive guidance. During the 4-week small-group course you will learn how to activate coherence that will help you prevent and relieve stress and anxiety while balancing your mental and emotional energy — which will help deepen your connection to the important people

and animals in your life.

Refer to the Book Online page for details. 

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Wild Horses

Animal End of Life

This work supporting horses—their herds and human companions—as they transition through the end-of-life process is the most important and meaningful work I have had the honor to do. Each time I am asked to assist with some aspect of animal end-of-life I am in awe of the process that unfolds for all involved and I am so thankful for the beauty and power of the transformation that takes place. 

Refer to the Book Online page for details.

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