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Podcast Interviews

Get to know more about Sam and her work with horses

by listening to these podcast interviews.



Learning about HeartMath with Sam, a certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor. Basic information on their research and techniques. And, how horses' hearts help ours, just by being near them.




Welcome to the first Qiological Audio Journal.

The audio journal is a collection of interviews, discussions, clinical cases that help to illuminate the classics of East Asian Medicine, book reviews, some business acumen and practical clinical skills to keep up your sleeve.

The audio journal publishes once a quarter, and one of the benefits of a membership with Qiological. This first audio journal is for everyone, so you can get a taste of what to expect in the future and features Sam MacLean in a discussion on finding our purpose and path in life.

equine bodywork

Hands on with Horses

There are yin and yang ways to be with a horse, or for that matter— with a person as well. That yin aspect might be yielding, but it’s far from weak. And having a broad receptive gaze allows us to see the wholeness beyond the so-called broken parts of those we are here to serve.

In this discussion with Sam MacLean we look at some of the multifaceted aspects of using touch and presence. The importance of not having an agenda, how a sense of yielding is essential to connection and the essential role of a loosely held sense of attention can guide our mind and hands in the work we do.

Listen in to this conversation on listening, following, presence and touch. And how something luminous we see in others is a reminder of some resources we carry within ourselves.


Mirror in the Stall

Sam's mission is to make a difference in the lives of horses and their guardians by creating heart-centered connections that support their return to harmony.

Find out more about Sam's desire to be of service to horses in this video podcast with Amber Lydic.

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