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Four principles guide the services of Red Dog Ranch: compassion, connection, resonance and the healing power of touch.  While Sam's work with horses is gentle yet powerful in its impact, her atunement with each horse embodies strength and tenderness. Known for her intuitive insights, Sam exhibits an uncanny grasp of what each horse needs in order to be in harmony.

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har·mo·ny    härmənē/ noun, definition: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole

Contributing to the harmony, balance, wholeness and vitality of your equine partner through a variety of bodywork modalities using intentional and educated hands, an intuitive connection and the innate ability to read subtle non-verbal cues for better communication with your horse. 

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"Sam's skills along with her intuitive ability and healing energy have helped our horses move through chronic pain and past trauma.

Her work holds a very special place in the ongoing health of our herd." 

-Ariana Blaylock, Equine Specialist, Mahala's Hope

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